Park Regency

"'We moved from the northern suburbs to Park Avenue because our commutes to Buckhead and Downtown were becoming more and more difficult. We'd visited friends who lived in high rises and saw how much they enjoyed the carefree lifestyle. We decided that we'll never live in a house again."

Mr & Mrs. John O'Flaherty

"We love it. Living at Park Avenue is a good way of life. We use to go out to dinner a lot but now we prefer to be at home. It's a wonderful home with all the privacy you could ever want. All the amenities are just an elevator ride away. Our favorite is the fitness center."

Dr. & Mrs. Harold Lefkoff

"The panoramic views from my home are incredible and I especially enjoy my large patio. It is great for entertaining and is not found in many high rises. Having lived in a high rise before, the amenities and services are exceptional. The unique private garages are fabulous. The location is the best.”

Mr. Daniel Miles

Park Place on Peachtree

"Living here is like being at the finest hotel....and having all your things with you."

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Raymon

"We were among the first homeowners to move into Park Place and are convinced that our decision to move here is one of the best we ever made. Our staff is to be congratulated on their willingness to solve problems. Sharing our home with all the other Park Place residents is truly a pleasure."

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Cohen

"I really thought I'd miss living in my own home but Park Place really pampers their residents with wonderful amenities. The staff is wonderful ...just like part of my family."

Ms. Betty W. Nathan

"'We've moved 10 times in 35 years...and this was the wisest choice we ever made. For anyone considering a break with additional living patterns, we highly recommend Park Place."

Mr. & Mrs. K Putter